6 Tips For Selecting the Right Tanning Bed For Sale

If you’re visiting a salon a few times each week in order to give your skin a chestnut hue, it may be time to look for a home tanning bed for sale. Prices continue to decline even as new models with a broader menu of options are being introduced. What’s more, a lot of people are taking advantage of generous financing options. The only obstacle you’ll confront is knowing how to find the best system for your needs. In this article, I’ll give you 6 tips for choosing the right tanning bed for sale.s2

Tip #1: Identify Your Usage

Frankly, you may not need a home system. If you only go to a salon once or twice a month, the inconvenience of traveling along with the investment for the tan will be negligible. That said, one of the most popular reasons for buying a residential tanning bed for sale is to mitigate the time and money spent visiting the salon. Having a system at home allows you to conveniently tan every day if that’s your preference.

Tip #2: Know The Manufacturer

Occasionally, you’ll stumble across a tanning bed for sale by an unknown manufacturer. Be careful. Finding a great price isn’t a bargain if the manufacturer goes out of business. Check how long they’ve been selling beds. Do they have a good reputation in the industry? Most importantly, will they be there to offer help if the model you buy malfunctions?

Tip #3: Buy New

You can easily find a used tanning bed for sale by visiting Craigslist, eBay, or even by looking in your local newspaper. But, there are significant advantages to investing in a new system. A lot of used models are sold by owners after the warranty expires. Often, they’ll have electrical problems that won’t be immediately noticeable. If you buy used, you might unwittingly inherit those problems. Buy new; many reputable online retailers offer attractive deals on new systems.

Tip #4: Consider The Type Of Model

You might be surprised to learn that not all beds are horizontal. Some models are vertical and others are even portable. Also, the dimensions, the number of lamps used, and voltage requirements can vary. For example, some models are 120v while others are 220v. Consider that most houses are equipped primarily with 120v outlets. If you purchase a 220v tanning bed for sale, you may need to have an electrician install a dedicated circuit. It’s a small job, but it’s a factor to think about.

Tip #5: Buy Online

In most cases, you’ll find the best deals by shopping online. The fact is, a lot of online retailers aren’t burdened with the huge costs of operating a physical storefront. That translates directly into lower prices. Not only can they offer attractive deals on tanning systems, but you’ll also find that online retailers can provide lower prices on an assortment of accessories, such as tanning bed lotions, lamps, and other supplies.

Tip #6: Prepare Questions In Advance

Most models represent a significant investment. So, don’t be afraid to ask the online retailer several questions before you buy. Ask how long delivery will take, what happens if your system is damaged in the process, and whether you’ll need to put it together when it arrives. Also, ask about warranties. If something goes wrong, you’ll want to have recourse. Finally, find out if the retailer can provide replacement parts and supplies. If you can purchase everything you need from one place, it’s far more convenient.

Making The Right Investment

Ultimately, buying a residential system isn’t as straightforward as you might initially think. It requires some forethought, planning, and research. Start by determining how often you’ll use a home system. Then, decide upon the type of model and options you’d enjoy having before researching manufacturers. Prepare your questions in advance and begin looking for a new tanning bed for sale online. If you use the 6 tips I’ve provided above, you’ll find the model that perfectly fits your lifestyle and budget.